WildTree’s Managed Hybrid Products


This outsourcing company was established in June 2006. They entrenched up-to-date standard for managed dedicated and VPS hosting. WildTree aimwiredtrees to sustain their clients along a first-rate managed hosting environment for their clients through unveiling network architectures, customer services, and more assistance to their valued customers. They even device a network that takes advantage of the public internet network and a private internal network. This allows people to securely administer a vast range of services not accessible at the other jobholders. WildTree, as a provider values urgency of needs of their clients that’s why their support technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year over toll-free phone agency and help desk.

The following are WildTrees’ support services:

Software Management
This service includes proactive security updates for any system that runs on your server. High-risk vulnerabilities such as SSH, control panel, kernel exploits, or any other root-level exploits is expected to be discovered. They also transact updates to the immediate prior supported version of the system packages such as system services, control panel, PHP, and many more based on client’s request. This package meets most of their clients’ needs but it doesn’t mean that it meets ALL. So WildTree proposed an even higher level support through application management package. Each of us has a particular need, so try working together with WildTree for you to determine your essentials and provide you with a custom quote.

Proactive Monitoring
WildTrees’ one of a kind monitoring system makes sure that your server has a maximal uptime. It both runs internally and externally in the server for redundancy. In addition, this proactive monitoring operates in the network, server, and the software level to ensure a satisfactory feedback from the clients.

ServerShield Security
This includes firewall and brute force protection, spam and anti-virus protection, server hardening and optimization, HTTP intrusion and DOS protection, and security audits. WildTree helps you in saving money through this services by significantly increasing your servers’ safety measures, administration, and even its authenticity.

Network Management
The main thing in which WildTree is focusing is, of course, in the field of the network security, network control and in creatinga private VLAN per server. This wide-ranging network mainframe protects the security of your data and uptime ofwiredtree-vps your server. WildTree uses Cisco and Juniper hardware to ensure accuracy, low latency and a higher throughput. If you want a manage server balancing, managed hardware firewall, VPN and other servers, just contact WildTree for more information. You can also get some crazy discounts like this wired tree coupon code.

Application Management
This provides the services that goes beyond the standard of Wildtrees’ offered services that includes Complex Backup and Disaster Recovery Procedures, VPN and Advanced Firewall Management, On-demand Security Scanning, Low-level Scripting Support/Optimization, CustomSLAs, IT Consulting, Custom Server Virtualization, Load Balanced Servers, Long-Term Capacity Planning, MySQL clustering, Low-level Content Management System Support, High Availability Clusters, Detailed Service Response/Latency Monitoring, Server Performance Metric Response and a Dedicated Support Team

WildTree offers these services not just to make some money out of it but mainly to help the clients understand how important it is to ensure quality of service like securing their clients servers and network infrastructures. If ever you have needs regarding of the things discussed, just don’t hold back and feel free to contact WildTree for a free cost consultation.