Phoenix Churches For Weddings

Marriage is a big step where your young or old. We all thought it was sweet when Gran and her next door neighbor decided to get married after knowing each other for twenty five years. Mr. Jordan had been friends with Grandpa and Gran for ten years and friends with Gran after Grandpa died. We teased Mr. Jordan that it had taken him fifteen years to ask Gran if she’d marry him. We ask him if he was afraid she’d say no or afraid she’d say yes. He said he’d ask her to marry him a year after Grandpa had died, and it had taken her fourteen years to say “Yes.”phoenix_basilica_marys Gran wanted a church wedding because Grandpa was about to be sent over seas so they married at the Clerk’s office. So we checked out the churches in Phoenix and she decided to go with the church where her and Grandpa had gone to because she felt he would bless their union there. We knew the preacher well and thought even though spirit filled churches in Phoenix usually required marriage counseling, we were sure because of their age, Gran and Mr. Jordan wouldn’t have to do it. The preacher was having none of it and seemed to get a kick out of the whole thing. Gran reminded him there was more Phoenix churches then his after he ask. “Are you sure you young people know what your doing?” Mr. Jordan had wanted to use one of the Scottsdale churches because they were closed but had went with the one Gran wanted. It seemed there would be four counseling sessions so I am sure Gran wished she’d looked more at the list of Christian churches in Phoenix we’d giving her. She only tightened her mouth when we teased her about the marriage counseling and went on with the wedding plans. The ladies of the church was a God send. They helped with decorations, food and one even helped lay a light blue lace over the bottom of Grans original wedding dress because Gran hadn’t wanted to be married in white, but wanted to use her own wedding dress. Gran had two sisters, my mom and Aunt Karen. So she had Aunt Karen who is the oldest give her away and my mom was the Maid Of Honor. Us grand daughters got to be brides maids and the grandson got to be ushers. I don’t think the guys appreciated the honor they’d been given. The dresses for the brides maids were a pale blue that matched the blue lace on Gran’s dress. They were pretty and not very wedding looking. Gran said she wanted us to get more wear out of them then just one day. On the last day of Gran and Mr. Jordan’s marriage canceling, we wanted to know if the preacher was going to let them get married. Mr. Jordan smiled, “He wasn’t sure he was going to let us get married until your Gran threatened to have our wedding at one of the Non Denominational churches in Phoenix. As the guys were having a bachelor party for Mr. Jordon,STRIPTEASE-SNL-FARLEY¬†we girls decided to have a bachelorette party for Gran. I wanted to hire a male stripper but my mom vetoed that and wanted to know how I knew where to hire a male stripper any how. The couple were going to live in Grans house so there wasn’t an major stuff for us to buy for the wedding shower so we went with beautiful. she received everything from a lace bedspread to a gold antique candle stick. My mom bought her a sapphire angle pin for something blue. I loan her my wedding garter for something barrowed and Aunt Karen gave her an old pear necklace that had been long in the family for something old. Gran being Gran laughing said “I thought I was suppose to be the something old.” The day finally arrived and thanks to the church ladies the church looked beautiful. Gran assured the preacher that she was glad she hadn’t went with one of the other Phoenix churches. He assured her that even though he’d poked a bit of fun at her, that she was a very beautiful bride and that he was sure Grandpa would be very happy for her. The ceremony was very beautiful and even though Mr. Jordon had winked and said he wished the ceremony still said “to obey.” he seemed very happy. Elderly weddingGran blushed like a young bride when we ask where they were going on their Honeymoon. It seemed Mr. Jordon was saving it for a surprise. She actually shoved cake into our new grandfather’s face and did the Fox Trot for the first wedding dance. As they drove away on their honeymoon, I could only hope I was that young at the age of seventy two.